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Microbit Projects

Microbit is a pocket-sized computer that introduces you to how software and hardware work together. Since projects will be done virtually, a physical microbit will not be used and all projects will be done via simulation. If students have access to one, they are welcome to use it.
Take the first steps of learning Robotics with the BBC Micro:bit, a pocket sized computer that combines the magical world of software and hardware. Develop your critical thinking and digital skills by generating ideas and transforming into practical projects through Micro:bit

Robotics: Projects


Microbit heart.gif

Learn how to make your desired image appear on a virtual micro bit using show leds. You will be using code blocks to add a blinking effect to your image. If a physical micro bit is available, codes can be downloaded and viewed there as well.


Image by Erik Mclean

Learn how to program a micro bit to select a random number between 1 and 6. This number will then be shown on the LED display allowing campers to play numerous number-based games.


Rock papper scissors.gif

 Learn to design images that will be used in a game. You will first draw images of rock, paper and scissors. Then using code blocks a number will be assigned to each image. The games will then be played using a variable tool to select a random number: 0, 1 or 2 associated with the images.



You are going to code your micro bit to read the future! Simply ask the micro bit a question, and press a button to find out the answer. Ask the micro bit a question and press A to get your answer.


BLUE microbit-front-square_edited.jpg

Make a game in which players have to guide a wand along a course without making contact. Making contact will add one to the player’s score - the player with the lowest score wins.



Make an interactive badge, that will show your mood to your friends. Press A on the micro bit to display a happy face, and B to show a sad face.

Robotics: Projects

Raspberry Pi Projects

Get started with Raspberry Pi, a small, affordable single-board computer. Design and develop fun and practical projects while learning programming and computer hardware. Interact with a multitude of sensors and learn its application in daily life as well as space science.

Robotics: Projects

Physical Computing with Python

Physical Computing with python.png

Get started with physical computing on the Raspberry Pi using Python

LED Traffic Lights

Led Traffic Lights.png

Traffic LED lights on Raspberry Pi using Python

Push Button Stop Motion

Push Button save Motin.png

Make your own stop motion animation rig

Control LEDs with your voice

Voice Control LED.png

Control LEDs with your voice on Raspberry Pi using Python

GPIO Music Box

GPIO music box.png

Make a device that plays music when you press its buttons

A raspberry Pi Laser Tripwire

Laser Tripwire.png

Create Laser Tripwire using Raspberry Pi

Spinning Flower Wheel

Spinning Flower Wheel.png

Get started with motors by creating a digital garden of pinwheels

Build a line following robot

Line following Robot.png

To build a line following robot using Raspberry Pi with Python

Temperature Log

Temperature Log.png

Measure the temperature with your Raspberry pi and log the data


Students will explore technology used in space through the Arduino tool.

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