Blender Projects 

party monkey.jpeg

Create a 3D model of a monkey wearing a party hat using Blender. Learn to use basic 2D and 3D shapes in order to create realistic animations.

Party Monkey 

tree cube_edited.jpg

Learn how to resize objects in Blender by creating a simple tree of cubes. Learn how to manipulate shapes to create your desired effect or image.

Tree Of Cubes 

block house_edited.jpg

Learn how to edit objects and extrude in Blender by creating a simple house from a single block. Learn to manipulate pieces to create the foundation of your final animation.

A Lock House


Create a model of a rocket using Blender. Learn key aspects of 2D and 3D modelling to create a rocket. Edit the rocket to have colours and other design elements that suit your interests.


snoeman 3d.jpeg

Create a 3D model of a snowman using Blender. Using 2D and 3D design aspects, learn to create a snowman along with matching scenery.

Snow World 


Create an abstract room using Blender. Using elements of animation and design you will learn, create your own colourful space using nodes. Customize your room to your liking.

Abstract Room