Space Science

Space Science

Learn about space science and space exploration from scientists and engineers. These sessions are conducted in partnership with IndusSpace Inc. Dr.Bhairavi Shankar(Planetary scientist) and IndusSpace team will guide campers to do various space science projects and fun activities focused on Moon and Mars explorations. 


  • Space Science Junior ( Grades 1 to 5)

    Introduction  to Space

    1.       Understanding the ‘scale of the solar system’

    2.       Planets

    3.       'Features and phases of the Moon'

    4.    Crafting Constellations 

    5.       Star Evolution and Black Holes

    6.       Build a Rocket Ship

    7.       Satellites and Space Stations

    8.       Exploring the International Space Station

  • Space Science Senior(Grades 6 to 10)

    All About the Moon

    1.       Mapping the surface of the Moon

    2.       Physics of the moon

    3.       Designing a lunar rover

    4.       Charting a Course to Explore

    5.       Teambuilding: Operating a rover 

    6.       Why explore the moon? What do rocks tell us

    7.       Teambuilding: Crisis Management Challenge

    8.       Retrieving a sample to analyze in a lab